The Kart offers, fantastic coffees, hot chocolates and an extensive range of hand crafted cold beverages. Cold and hot beverages are always popular at events, sports fields, school fairs, a lot of sales come from the beach and picnic spots.

We have designed the Kart so that within minutes of pulling up it’s a simple set up and close down, it’s rapid! The Kart is easily stored under cover; it will look really impressive for years to come.

The kart is fully self-sufficient; you carry your power plant with you. Towing and parking is a breeze; it’s ideal for anyone to operate. The Kart holds everything leaving plenty of space in the car to take the kids along to help you.

Comprehensive training means great head start, ongoing support and being part of a happy network of licensees is most important.

The Kart's extensive selection of chilled and hot beverages will provide you with a very enjoyable and profitable business.

Yours sincerely,

Team Leader
The Shot Mobile Kart

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